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Korean Therapy Bed (Carefit RECOVERY BED-3500)

Carefit India

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Carefit 3500 is fully automatic korean therapy bed which is ergonomically designed.


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Carefit Recovery Bed is fully automatic korean therapy bed which is ergonomically designed considering the natural curvature of the spine. It provides a pleasant and comfortable feeling during the massage session. It maximizes the effect of massage, finger pressure and moxibustion with optimal fit to the spine line. The bed has tourmaline sheet on its leg side for extra infrared massage. It also has original set of 6 jade rollers which massage our spine perfectly with more acupressure effect.

External projector with various functions
External projector (3-sphere) is fitted on its leg side and is very comfortable for using in ladies problems or any personal health problems. 9 Ball Sphere is applicable to various parts of the body including the abdomen and arms where the internal projector cannot reach.

The latest Recovery-3500 bed is the most advance featured Thermal Massage bed in the industry having 6 Jade SEE-SAW rollers +1  Jade Stone for the Spine Area which cover the Governing Meridian and the Bladder Meridian Acupuncture points and with Fiber heated frame and CFHP infrared heating panels in the leg area

Carefit-RECOVERY BED Main Features/Functions/Benefits

1. Enhance the basic metabolic rate for burn more excess body fats
2. Promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage system
3. Accelerate removal of toxic metabolic waste from the body
4. SEE-SAW function to adjust for everyone with best comfort & smoothness of its kind with S-Shape Rail
5. Provide complement treatments to pains on neck, shoulder, back and waist, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia and so on.
6. Boost our immune system and Relieve the tension and pain caused by stressful works and improper posture.
7. Suitable for the most common health problems
The  jade projector is ergonomically designed to fit any part of your body to maximize the effect of Eastern moxibustion. Heat and far infrared rays are designed to be delivered to the target area with minimal loss. The unmatched designed high quality S-Shape guide rail  minimizes friction between internal floodlight and rail and generates almost no noise. The rail can support even heavy loads very easily.


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